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Under Pipe Supports

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An anti wear support and insulating block fitted between the pipe and pipe rack to prevent corrosion caused by :


  • Wear from thermal movement

  • Galvanic action between dissimilar metals

  • Moisture build up


Available as standard for pipe sizes up to 36 inch NB (nominal bore).


Primary Benefits:


  • Minimal effect on pipe elevation.

  • Quick and easy to install (specifically types "A" and "B")

  • Molded shape to fit specific pipe size.

  • Long term durability and corrosion protection.



Material Properties:
Operating Temperature Range
     Type A & B -40C to +160C
     Type C -200C to +160C
Corrosion None
Water Absorption Insignificant
Fire Retardant/Resistance Resistant
Chemical Attack Resistant
UV Resistant




Under pipe supports are produced in three types, known as Type "A", Type "B", and Type "C".

Type "A":

Supplied with 80% adhesive covering allowing for additional adhesive of the customers choice to outer perimeter of the bonding surface.

Type "B":

Supplied with 100% adhesive covering.  No allowance for additional adhesive.

Type "C":

Supplied with 0% adhesive covering.  Choice of adhesive type elected by customer.




Exxon Chemicals, Kellogg, Brown & Root, Parsons, Shell, Technip Malaysia, Wood Group