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Composite Hose combines durability, application, and flexibility into one product for the transfer of hydrocarbons, chemical and cryogenics.  There is presently no other hose manufactured with as many benefits residing within the one product.  Summarily, the construction of composite hose requires a continual helical wrap of specific wire constructions whilst simultaneously applying the appropriate film constructions.  Every bit, if not more important than the construction process is the cut and coupling of the end-fitting.  Every fitter under the employ of Global is certified for this process and each hose assembly is hydrostatically tested and serialized.  The following Composite Hose Groups are segregated into application types and will link you to a summary page describing the type of service and a data sheet that can be downloaded for more detailed viewing and printing.

  • Heavy Duty Marine Hose
    • Data Sheet... click on the following link to download a detailed data sheet for this product.


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